Jamaica’s Own Jazz and Blues Festival in Montego Bay


The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in the last twenty years has continued to evolve tremendously and amassed a tremendous following, becoming one of the best things to do in Jamaica and also the whole of Caribbean. Originally known as Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, the festival’s growth is remarkable considering its humble beginnings.

The festival was intended to have more air travelers to Jamaica during the low tourist season, and that goal continues to be achieved without a shred of doubt. In recent history, the festival has attracted crowds in excess of 30,000. This really is no mean feat to achieve, given that during its formative years, it may only attract just as much of as 1,500 to 2,000.

The meteoritic development of the festival may be accounted with the change of your dates in which the festival is held. In the formative many years of the festivals, the organizers hosted the festival throughout the month of November.

One of many downsides of hosting a festival in the month of November is definitely the interruptions by the heavy rainfall that is typical during this time of the year. Upon realizing that the rain experienced during this period was negating the expansion from the festival, the organizers changed the dates of your festival from November to late January, that is also a small tourist season.

Another component that helped the festival to increase was the acquisition of the festival rights by Walter Elmore. Having obtained each of the rights on the festival, he could steer the development process on the new heights unabated.

The Very Idea Of The Festival

The concept of the festival usually centers on having diverse genres of music during the entire 72 hours how the festival is held. One of the most popular genres to feature past festivals are the R&B, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Soca, Latin as well as a fusion of your aforementioned genres.

The diversification from the genres has played a part in enhancing the nature and image of the festival for an international festival, attracting music lovers of diverse music taste.

Performers On The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

Past performers at the festival have featured local and international artists. Among the most famous international artist to feature within the festival include Michael Bolton, Boyz II Men, Celine Dion, Maroon 5, Kenny Rogers, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Babyface, Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, Lionel Richie, and more. Local artists to possess graced the festival range from the likes of Chronixx, Christopher Martin, Taurus Riley, Chalice, Bryan Art and lots of other.

This just will go to reveal that the festival is meant to make certain that every attendant enjoys high-quality music all through the festival.

Dates For The Upcoming Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

Unfortunately, for 2016, the organizers were unable to organize the festival, sighting difficulties. However, they have stated that they may organize one-night teaser events throughout 2016.

However, they want to host the conventional festival in 2017, additionally they promise to organize a ìspectacularî festival since they will also be marking the twentieth anniversary from the festival.

All there exists left to accomplish now is to wait patiently and hope that they may keep their promise.

Paraguay Reggae Fest

Not many people know where the term “Reggae” originates. Reggae born out of Jamaica is derived from the words “rags” or “ragged clothing”. This famous popular style has a subsidiary beat that is strongly accented.

The Paraguay Reggae Fest is located in Paraguay – South America, where the native tongue is Spanish. Paraguay Reggae Fest is the most important event in the country. It is the most celebrated musical event every year. Paraguay Reggae Fest is conducted annually in the city of Lugue, Paraguay at a water park resort called Rakiura Resort.

Paraguay Reggae Fest

Paraguay Reggae Fest is usually held in the month of September. Festivities of this nature are usually held on beach resorts to go along with the authentic vibe of reggae music. The number of people attending the reggae festival is about 9,000 to 10,000 each year. Paraguay Reggae Fest is conducted for many hours ending beyond 3 AM.

Paraguay Reggae Fest

On the 27th day of September 2009, the first edition of the Paraguay reggae festival was held. 10,000 people gathered in attendance.

The next big Paraguay Reggae Fest party was conducted on September 26, 2010. It was dubbed as the second edition. It took place in the same venue, in Rakiura Resort. Here the attendance garnered is 9,000 people.

The lineup of bands that performed in the 1st Paraguay Reggae Fest are:

· The Wailers
· Fidel Nadal
· Matamba
· Pipa para Tabaco
· Cultura Nativa

The lineup of bands that performed in the 2nd Paraguay Reggae Fest

· Ese Ka’a
· Nonpalidence
· Skatalites
· Matamba
· No Te Va Gustar

In the music performance scene, Matamba is a popular crowd favorite. It is a Paraguayan music band that performs reggae music. Another renowned band group in Paraguay that performs reggae kind of music is The Skatalites. National groups are also the usual participants in the Paraguay reggae festivities.

Paraguay Reggae Fest

An example of a Paraguayan reggae song is “Parajo Choguy” (“Bird Chogüy”). The crowd can rave and go delirious with this amazing music.

The other nice popular Paraguayan reggae songs are “No Woman No Cry” and “Frecuencias de amor” (or “Frequencies of Love”).

Reggae is not the only music played and performed during the Paraguay reggae fests. Together with the main reggae act, there are also other music types that are played during the reggae fest. So what are the music genres that can be performed during a reggae festival? How do they sound?

These are the music genres that are also performed in Paraguay reggae festival:

Dub is a hit among the Paraguayan audience. Dub was originated from reggae. Its inception was in the 1960s. Dub is regarded as the subgenre of reggae, although, it developed and grew beyond the scope of reggae.

Certainly, the Paraguayan crowd goes gaga with the dancehall hits. Dancehall is a type of dance music that was also derived from reggae. It too was originated in the country of Jamaica. It has an uptempo style.

Ska Punk
Paraguayans go wild with ska punk. Ska punk is a music genre that is a fusion that blends together ska and punk. It was popularized and became a commercial success in the US in the 1990s. The sub genre of ska punk is ska-core (It can also be spelled as skacore). Ska-core combines ska with hardcore punk.

Uruguay Music
During the Paraguay reggae festivities, Uruguayan inspired music may also be played. Uruguay is just bordering and neighboring Paraguay. Their distance from each other is just 1,043 kilometers. That is why the influence of music creates an impact from one country to another.

In 1994, there has been an explosion of the Uruguayan music in Latin America. Since then, the Uruguayan rhythms have become a part of the Paraguayan music pop culture. That is why the Uruguayan music still lingers in the Paraguay’s musical arena and it is still popularly performed during the Paraguay’s reggae festivities.

Paraguay Reggae Fest

R&B is also performed during the Paraguay reggae fests. R & B means rhythm and blues. R & B traces its roots from African American community. This popular music arose from blues in the 1940s. In addition, jazz was also fused and blended in R & B. Rhythm and blues are also the immediate precursor to rock and roll.

Jazz is another crowd favorite that is played during the Paraguay reggae fests. Jazz was incepted and commenced with the black Americans as its roots and origins. It emerged at the beginning of 20th century. It is characterized by syncopation, improvisation, and the usual forceful or regular rhythm.

Paraguay Reggae Fest Jazz

Afro Cuban Music
Also, the Afro Cuban music is usually performed during the Paraguay reggae fests. It is known that the contemporary modern Jamaican music arose from the Afro Cuban music. And reggae originates in Jamaica. Hence, the genre of music plays on the same tune.

The term Afro Cubans refers to the Cubans who have a West African ancestry. And it too refers to the culture, history and the heritage that are thought to emanate from that community. So the music and songs are converged from fusion and consolidation from those two cultures and customs. And now, the Paraguay reggae festivities adopt this musical melody.

Vital Facts About The Fun-Filled Garance Reggae Music Festival

Reggae music is arguably one of the most popular music genres in the world. Reggae music knows no ethnic, cultural or regional boundaries. Music in general plays a vital role in human existence. It is entertaining to listen to the beats and lyrics of the different genres of music. However, it becomes a greater experience when the music not only soothes the soul but also carries some message that you can easily identify with. Reggae music beats all other genres in this. Reggae is a commentary on socio-political issues but, in most cases, with a spiritual component. Music festivals present unique opportunities for the fans of the various genres to experience the best of life performances from the leading artists of the respective genres.
Garance Reggae Music Festival

Garance Reggae Music Festival is arguably the greatest annual Reggae festival in the world today. If those single reggae songs with their soul-massaging bass always touch your soul and make you happy, imagine what an entire festival spiced with nothing but the best of reggae music could do to you. One way to actually find out is to make an effort and attend this great festival. But what exactly is the story behind this fantastic festival?

History of Garance Reggae Music Festival
Reggae music in general originated in Jamaica sometime in the late 1960’s. The name of the genre can be traced to the single done by Toots and the Maytals titled “Do the Reggay” which was an instant hit globally. Reggae music has grown in form and content to relate political comment, social gossip as well as news. Bob Marley and his band the Wailers, is probably the most appreciated band that gave and enhanced reggae to a global audience. To this day there are numerous outstanding artists who perform this genre in its various forms. This growth has also seen a tremendous increase in the number of fans from all imaginable parts of the world. It is the need to give the artists and the fans a common platform to share in the marvels of this genre that gave birth to the Garance Reggae Music Festival in the late 1980’s and held the first event in 1991. From then onwards the festival has been growing in form and organization to the formidable entertainment event it is today.

If you have any doubt about the popularity of Reggae, just take a trip and participate in the next festival. You will be amazed by the tens of thousands of fans enjoying the best moments of their lives harmoniously responding to the beat, pitch and lyrics churned by the best artists on the planet. Attendance at the festival has been increasing consistently. In 2012, for instance over 48,000 tickets were sold for the festival. The number keeps soaring: in 2013, the attendance to the Garance Reggae Music Festival was estimated to be in excess of 60,000 fans. Reggae knows no language or class barriers; these enthusiasts come from every imaginable corner of the globe.

Garance Reggae Music Festival

Where it is located
At its inception the festival was held in various venues in the city of Paris, France, but moved to its current location in Bagnos-Sur- Ceze in 2010. Avington airport is just 30 km away and is connected by bus number B23 twice a day. Upon getting to Bagnol-sur-Ceze you take a short walk to the north of the city center as you follow signs to Parc Arthur Rimbaud. Here you will encounter the most thrilling live reggae concert of the year.

When is it held?
The festival takes four days. Of course as an enthusiast you want to get the details of when this annual event is held. The month of July is usually the time of the year scheduled for this unique festival. The actual dates are communicated annually.

Who is on the line up?
For a festival of this magnitude and importance count on getting entertained by the very best of reggae artists and their bands from across the globe: artists from Jamaica, Europe, America and many other locations spice the festival with their wonderful reggae tunes. Think of big names like Marcia Griffiths and Palm, l-Threes Feat Rita Marley, Johnny Osbourne, JamacaAll Stars, Morgan Heritage, Monty Alexander, Groudation , Raging Fyah, The Mighty Diamonds, Aba shanty Blackboard Jungle, Dubkasm, King Alpha and many more performing on either the main stage or on the Dab Station corner at the venue. Expect to be also entertained by new reggae stars who are making a name in the reggae genre as well.

Garance Reggae Music Festival

You have every reason to start preparing for the next Garance Reggae Music Festival. Grab this opportunity to experience Reggae at its finest. It is an event that you will live to cherish.

Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Music Festival

There are few better ways to fill your summer than with some music festivals. They are liberating, exhilarating, and they bring strangers close and friends closer. You are often camping out overnight, although not much sleeping is done! You party with the music all night long, only to wake up and start again in the morning. For many people, music festivals are the highlight of the summer, no matter your music taste. From rock, to hip-hop, to pop-punk, a music festival is good for the soul. One of the most popular Reggae music festivals is the European Rototom Sunsplash festival.

Rototom Sunsplash

The Rototom Association itself was created in 1991, when just four people were in a meeting together. Before creating the biggest Reggae festival in the world, they managed nightclubs, hosted many, many concerts, and led marches for peace. They cultivated an atmosphere that brings together work and friendship. They advocate for the alternative lifestyle, and believe in achieving justice and equality. The Rototom Sunsplash music festival itself began in 1994 in Gaio, Italy, although in 1998 they had to relocate as their operation was becoming too large. In 2009 they voted unanimously to leave Italy, landing in Valencia, Spain. Today, the festival is held in Castellon, Spain at its own venue.

Along with promoting peaceful political views, they also offer many other benefits to festival goers that make the experience that much more fulfilling. They provide a campsite for those who wish to stay for more than one day of the festival, much like an authentic Jamaican Party. The campsite is actually an open-air market where organic foods are available. There is also a general marketplace for shopping that is not festival related, including clothing and even smoking paraphernalia. They do their best to be accessible for the disabled, with special ticket booths and even viewing platforms that will make their experience easier and less stressful. They even offer shuttles to nearby local beaches, for those that wish to take advantage of a beautiful sunny day and any span of time in which there are no musical acts that they want to see.

Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival

Being one of the biggest Reggae festivals in Europe, it is no surprise that Rototom Sunsplash brings in some big names, and lasting for 8 days, there is plenty of time for everyone. Highlights from 2011 include Toots and the Maytals, Lee Scratch Perry, Shaggy and Ziggy Marley. 2012 brought in Alborosie, Morgan Heritage, Michael Rose, Barrington Levy and Johnny Osbourne. The festivals 20th anniversary in 2013 saw acts like Damian Marley, Dun Inc, Robbo Ranx, and a returning Alborosie took the stage. The festival boasts a relaxing and accepting atmosphere, which is most fitting for an authentic Reggae vibe. Looking around, you will see all kinds of people attending. From hardcore and dreadlocked individuals, to families with young children.

Rototom Sunsplash generally takes place somewhere in the last couple weeks of August and is the perfect way to close off your summer! In recent years the festival has seen attendance numbers of 20-30,000 people in just one night, their overall attendance far surpassing 100,000 people over the entire 8 days. Their twentieth anniversary edition was their record year, seeing an enormous 240,000 people over the span of the festival. This is an impressive number and it makes for an experience you absolutely do not want to miss. Imagine the potential there is for meeting new people at this Jamaican Party. The great thing too, is that all those people are there for the same reason. Even if their specific music tastes differ a little bit, everyone is there to experience music, peace, and acceptance. It is places like these that brand new, but lasting friendships and relationships are formed.
Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival

The Rototom Sunsplash festival doesn’t only cover reggae! It is their focus, however, they also have stages dedicated to dub, dancehall, and ska. They also have a stage dedicated to new, up and coming artists, perhaps looking for a breakthrough! Whatever your music tastes are, there is sure to be something for you at this festival. The experience doesn’t stop at music. There is endless amounts of shopping, healthy food options, and potential trips to the beach in between your favorite acts. It is undoubtedly 8 days one never forgets.